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Two Bowls of Pet Food

Whether you're a dog groomer, boarding kennels, veterinary practice or a general pet store selling pet food and toys - we have a great selection of greeting cards and gifts to delight the devoted pet owners walking through your doors.

Dogs and cats. Even horses. Pet owners are already in your store to buy things for their furry friends. So, why not offer them a little treat for themselves, too?

What are the benefits of selling cards & gifts in your pet shop?

A pet shop doesn't have to sell just pet food. Absolutely not!

Animal-themed greeting cards and novelty gifts can help you significantly increase sales. Attract new customers whilst encouraging existing customers to spend more. Dog lovers would be delighted with an art print celebrating their favourite breed. Perhaps someone would like a thank you card for their vet who goes above and beyond.

By selling different products, you can broaden your shop's appeal to a wider audience - which is important in today's tricky (and very competitive) retail environment. Plus, a well-curated selection of beautiful gifts helps to create a more welcoming and inviting atmosphere. By stocking Coulson Macleod cards and gifts, you can become a marvellous one-stop shop for pet lovers. 

How to display cards & gifts in your pet shop.

Between all the buckets of treats and, the hanging collars and leads, it might be hard to find somewhere suitable for holding greeting cards. So, we wholeheartedly recommend taking a look at the POS (point of sale) display solutions that we offer here on our trade website. Our conveniently-sized tabletop spinners sit well on a counter next to your till. Perfect for those little add-on purchases.

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