A STORM & A TEA CUP | Wise Words Mugs Are Here

We thought we were on the home stretch. We thought we saw the light at the end of the wintery tunnel. The nights were getting lighter & the beautiful snowdrops were gracing us with their appearance.

Alas, spring has not yet sprung. The so-called 'Beast from the East' & 'Storm Emma' are upon us.

(although we're not entirely sure why the first one sounds like the end of all days & the latter is named after a Jane Eyre novel)

Batten down the hatches folks!

Just like every time we get a flurry of snow in the UK... the end may possibly be nigh. But, hold on, don't panic. We're British. And whilst Canada may laugh hysterically at our blizzard-handling techniques... what we truly do well is a good ol' cuppa.

A soothing cup of tea to warm your bones whilst it's apparently colder than the Arctic Circle outside.

Or maybe coffee is more your thing? Or a fruit-infused tea perhaps? Or... gin?

Here's the CM Team's favourite beverages that keep us fuelled for the day...


Mark is a man of two halves. Coffee in the morning & tea in the afternoon. Mark usually makes all the hot drinks for him & Hannah.


Hannah only touches tea; your basic PG Tips sort of bag. No fancy tea leaves for her. But to everyone's disgust Hannah likes it milky & weak. She also can't drink coffee, despite loving the smell of ground coffee beans and being partial to a coffee-flavoured chocolate, it makes her heart race and palms sweat.


Shell's tea-drinking routine must always include the most enormous mug in existence plus a biscuit (or two). Her favourite hot drink being Twining's green & black tea blend.


Self-admittedly, Danielle is a bit of an anomaly. As in... she doesn't like tea (gasp!). But if it's a matter of life & death (or keeping warm) she is partial to a coffee or hot chocolate. Mostly she prefers squash (not the sport).

Valentine rose-gold foil concertina card

But it isn't just what you drink that's important, what you put your drink in is important too!

As luck would have it, we've just extended our bestselling Wise Words range onto some amazing new mugs. That's over 85 designs covering all sorts of occasions, hobbies & interests. WOW!

We don't want to get ahead of ourselves, but your favourite 'used a minimum of 4 times a day, 365 days a year, nobody can touch it without losing a limb' mug may just be right here!

'You Are My Favourite' monochrome love card

Shop our brand new mugs now!

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