When is Mother's Day 2018? | Our Top Cards & Gifts for Mum

Mother's Day & Easter... those pesky occasions that like to bamboozle us by changing their dates by 2-3 weeks every year. Love it or hate it - at least we always know where we are with Valentine's Day.

So, just a quick heads up... Mother's Day in the UK is on Sunday 11th March this year.

(Just to confuse matters even further, in the US it will be held on 13th May).

A day to appreciate the absolute wonder woman who has been there through it all. Shop our carefully curated collection of Mother's Day cards & gifts right here.

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Mothering Sunday in the UK did not start as we would think. It began as a Christian observation where people would visit the 'Mother Church'. Over the years it has also of course evolved into the modern day celebration of motherhood.

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Why do the dates change every year?

Mothering Sunday traditionally falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent or 3 weeks before Easter Sunday.


Mother's Day, as it is known in the US, began in 1908 in West Virginia when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother. After a long campaign, the celebration was initially rejected as a national holiday. The US Congress joked that, if they approved it, they would have to make a Mother-In-Laws day too.

However, in 1914, Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation declaring that Mother's Day would be a national holiday held on the second Sunday in May.

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Shop our carefully curated collection of Mother's Day cards & gifts right here.

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