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Monochrome SUPERSTAR Mug x 3

An eye-catching monochrome mug with the word 'SUPERSTAR' in bold, black text as a wrap-around. Each mug is lovingly designed and printed right here in our studio.


Great as a gift to celebrate exam success or a new job, and the perfect complement to our concertina cards which can be found here. That's both a card and gift all sorted! 

Monochrome SUPERSTAR Mug x 3

SKU: MUG1115
    • designed and printed in britain
    • ceramic mug size: 10oz

    • dishwasher safe

    • prices shown are ex VAT
    • mugs sold in sets of 3
    • individual unboxed mug: £4.58 ex VAT
    • individual boxed mug: £5.42 ex VAT
    • RRP: £10.99 (unboxed) £12.99 (boxed)